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Date Counter for Divi

The worlds first date counter which seamlessly integrates into the Divi Builder.


“Do one thing, and do it well”

Date Counter for Divi has one sole purpose: count the time since a given start date.

It’s that simple.

Count Days

Date Counter for Divi lets you choose a start date and will automatically calculate how many days have passed since.

Seamless Integration

Date Counter for Divi seamlessly integrates into the Divi Builder. Use it as you use any other Divi Module.

Number Counter Style

Date Counter for Divi uses the style of the Number Counter Module to match the overall style of your Site.

Count Start Date

Date Counter for Divi lets you choose whether or not you want to count the start date.

Your Timezone

Date Counter for Divi uses the timezone of your site to make sure counting is always correct.

Custom Title

Just like the Number Counter module, Date Counter for Divi consists of the counter and a optional title.

Free Updates

Date Counter for Divi will be updated whenever a Divi update makes it necessary. Updates are of course free of charge.


Fully Customizable

You can fully customize Date Counter for Divi via the usual module settings or your own CSS styles.

Actions speak louder than words

Date Counter for Divi in Action

See how Date Counter for Divi looks “in the wild”.

Count Seconds

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Minutes

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Hours

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Days

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Weeks

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Months

(since 01.01.2017)

Count Years

(since 01.01.2017)

To use it as a Countdown

just select a future date

Your Imagination

Is the Limit

You can even use pre

+ +

and suffix text

You can Customize


With Titles above

and below the counter


You still want to know more?

Have a look at the frequently asked questions.


How do I install Date Counter for Divi?

Install and activate the Date Counter WordPress plugin. That’s all. The Date Counter module will show up in your Divi Builder.

What customizations can I apply?

Date Counter for Divi has all the module customization options you would expect. Like in the other modules, settings are splittet into three sections: General Settings, Advances Design Settings and Custom CSS Settings.

We designed Date Counter for Divi to be immediately familiar for you to use. For your convenience, you will find all the settings you can also find in the Number Counter module, for example the Title or the color of the number.

The special and unique settings of the Date Counter for Divi module are:

  • Title above the counter
  • Title below the counter
  • Prefix before the counter
  • Suffix after the counter
  • Date and time of the target date to/from which the counter counts
  • Switch to include the target date when counting
  • Type to count (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years)
Does it count down as well?

Yes it does! Date Counter for Divi can not only count the days since a target date, it can also count down to a given date. Check out the Demo section of this page to get an impression on how it looks like.

Because we care

Our clients love us. Hear what they have to say.

I painfully missed a divi day counter module. Once installed, it's usable from the library and can be placed anywhere. Plug and play 😉 Thanks for the great work.

Florian P.

I was looking for a way to use the divi number counter to count days for quiet a while. This is what finally let me do it

Dennis D.

That is exactly what I missed. A countdown with which I could easily show how long it takes until my next workshop. Built in as a module it is wonderfully customizable and with full functionality for the Divi Theme.

Kerstin M.

The plugin does what it promises. Easy handling, perfect implementation. I am very satisfied.

profilbild von stefan ballay für day counter for divi landingpage

Stefan B.

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