What is Setting X used for?

Owl Carousel has a lot of different settings. Luckily the library also has a great documentation. There you can find explanations for all the different switches, sliders and fields. You should also check out the demo pages.

Can I disable Autoplay?

Yes, of course! Autoplay can be enabled/disabled with a flip of a switch. You can also configure the time the carousel stays on each slide as well as the time the animation between slide change takes.

Help: I have HTML in my Blurb body

Due to a bug in an older Divi version (somewhere around 3.0.7x), Divi wrote the HTML of the rendered Blurb into the the WYSIWYG Body field. Since 1.8.5, the WYSIWYG Body field is activated by default and in 1.10, the old, single line Body field will be removed. In the...

Link to grid with specific filter selected

You can open a page with a Filterable Grid and select a filter by default. This technique is often used to link for example a image on your landing page to another page containing a Filterable Grid. Depending on which image on the landing page was selected, another...