Use the Divi Builder where you want, how you want!

Divi Enabler

Enable the Divi Builder on Custom Post Types.

Activate the Divi Builder by default on new entries.

Share Divi Library Layouts between Post/Page/Project and Custom Post Types.

Enable and activate the Divi Builder on Custom Post Types

Divi Enabler is a simple, yet powerful plugin. It works with Elegant Themes Divi Theme and Extra Theme. It’s functions are:

  • Enable the Divi Builder on custom post types
  • Activate the Divi Builder by default on new entries
  • Use “Standard” layouts from the Divi Library on custom post types

If you use plugins or themes which add new post types, you might have painfully missed the Divi Builder. Not anymore, because now you can enable the Divi Builder for any custom post type – no matter how they get added to your WordPress installation!

Then there is the activation of the Divi Builder. Don’t you hate it to always click the “Use The Divi Builder” button, every time you create a new page? Not anymore because now you can activate the Divi Builder by default for any post type! Every time you add a new post, the Divi Builder will be activated automatically.

Are you using another plugin or custom code to enable the Divi Builder on your post type? If so you might have noticed that layouts saved on Posts, Pages and Projects are not available on your post type. We got you covered! Now you can enable “Build for Standard” Divi Library layouts on custom post types.

The plugin might look simple at first but the work, time and headache it can save you is priceless.

How to use

Simply upload the plugin in your WordPress’ Plugin section and activate it as any other WordPress Plugin. Then head over to the Divi -> Divi Enabler or Extra -> Divi Enabler menu.

You can either enable/activate settings globally for all post types or individually for each post type separately. This gives you the total freedom to use the Divi Builder where you want and how you want!

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