You can open a page with a Filterable Grid and select a filter by default. This technique is often used to link for example a image on your landing page to another page containing a Filterable Grid. Depending on which image on the landing page was selected, another filter is selected in the grid. Fortunately this is quiet simple to achieve and it involves only 3 steps.

Step 1: First, head over to the Filterable Grid module, switch to the Advanced tab and give the module a custom CSS ID.

Step 2: In the second step, go to the page, open the inspector of your browser and inspect the filter you want to select by default. Note the value of “data-category-slug“.

Step 3: With the ID and the slug of the filter, you can finally build the url. To the url of the page where you have your grid, add a trailing slash (“/”) followed by hashtag (“#”) followed by the ID of your module followed by a pipe (“|”) followed by the slug of the filter. If you now visit this url, the filter will be selected by default.

Important Note: This functionality is defined and developed in the Divi core and we are not able to customize this behaviour. If you need more specific functinoality like scrolling to the module if it is at the bottom of your page, we can develop a customized JavaScript code for you (for a little fee).