After a long long time I got to work with Windows again. Naturally I set up all my development environments as similar as I am used to on my Mac. One thin in particular did not work out though. I run a local web server using MAMP for my WordPress development. My themes and plugins reside in my Google Drive (as well as on Bitbucket) but I like to share the code across my computers without needing to push and pull every time I switch the device. That is why I used symbolic links on my Mac to link the themes/plugins folder to the wp-content folder in my web server.

At first I thought on Windows I could simply create a shortcut to the folder and throw it in the wp-content themes or plugins folder but that did not work out as expected. Instead I had to use the command line to create the link. The programm on Windows is called “mklink” and it works as the following:

mklink /d destination source

As expected you can either use full paths or go straight into the source or destination directory and use “.\”. Here I already cd’ed into the MAMP\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins folder on my C: drive to link a plugin from my Google Drive folder which resides on my D: drive:

mklink /d .\jt-my-plugin D:\GoogleDrive\wordpress\plugins\jt-my-plugin

Pretty straight forward once you know that the “ln -s” equivalent under windows is “mklink /d”. Just keep in mind that under Windows, the path separator is a backslack, not a forward slash as under most UNIX systems.